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Social Distancing? But, I need Groceries!!

This post is not endorsed or created by any of the brands mentioned. It is for informational purposes only.

Many of us in Gadsden are in a bind, we need groceries but are afflicted or elderly. Not to worry though there are several options to maintain the Social Distancing Ordinance.

Sections (Ctrl+F): Curbside Delivery, Home Delivery, Special Shopping, Local Restaurants

Personal Assistants

- Churches: Many religious groups are taking it upon themselves to help the elderly or sick. Reach out to your churches and see if there is a volunteer near you.

- Do you know a student who is out of a job due to quarantine? Consider asking them to help run errands. With many businesses shutting down to self-quarantine, you could be helping a student pay their rent or utility bill.

- High School Students: Many High School Students are looking for opportunities to volunteer (and get out of the house), whether it be a graduation requirement or to boost their resume. So, if you know a family it doesn't hurt to ask.

Curbside Delivery

Being in Gadsden doesn't mean you have to wake up early to take advantage of the senior hours in the morning. Take a short drive to the outskirts of Tally and enjoy a little freedom without having to stand in the grocery line for hours. Oh, and remember to tip!

Publix via Instacart - If you are computer savvy, go to shop online, clip your coupons, and enjoy your unexpected "me" time. Then go pick up when your order is ready. Delivery is free on your first order.

Wal-Mart Grocery - Wal-mart, nuff said.

Home Delivery

Pretty much everyone has home delivery from Amazon to Wal-Mart. Here's a few you may have forgotten for some of the more important items and the best part-- it's free.

CVS Delivery Via USPS - Free 1-2 day delivery through May 1st via USPS- Excludes Holidays and Weekends.

Walgreens Express via Fed Ex - Free to 1-2 Day Delivery excludes Holidays and Sundays

** With medications both cites state that controlled substances and refrigerated medications cannot be shipped.**

Massey Drugs- Free Local Delivery, Restrictions may apply. Contact Pharmacy for info.

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance - - Fresh Produce from Local Farmers. Please see website for more details on delivery options.

Special Shopping Hours

Next, we have local Grocery chains doing special hours for Seniors and High Risk Residents.

Winn-Dixie - 8AM to 9AM Mon-Fri - Seniors and High-Risk Customers

Harveys - 8AM to 9AM Mon-Fri - Seniors and High-Risk Customers

Publix - 7AM to 8AM Tuesdays and Wednesdays Seniors 65+

Whole Foods- 7AM to 8AM - Daily for 60+

Dollar General- 7AM to 8AM - Daily encouraged for Seniors.

Roses - 9AM to 10AM - Mon-Sat, 10AM to 11Am Sun - Seniors and High-Risk Customers.

Local Restaurants (Small Business)

We are putting this here because we know that there are many in the area who are part of the essential workforce and after a long day, cooking and groceries may be the last thing on your mind. These local restaurants are still open for Take-out ,Curb-Side Pickup and Delivery. Thank you for all you do.

Damfino's Cafe and Market - 10am-6pm. We recommend calling ahead to place your order. 860-627-0745.

Havana Eatery- Normal Hours, Implemented a Home Delivery program. 850-445-5940

Oscar's in Havana - Normal Hours:Open for Carry Out only. (850) 539-3036

Havana Trading Co- Open for Carry Out. 850-347-1950

If you live in the Havana/Quincy area and have the means to do so, please consider supporting local businesses. A couple weeks for a large corp is a drop in the bucket but, for -small business owners, they can lose it all, especially in the restaurant industry. They will appreciate anything you can do.

Also, if you know of a small business that is trying to help the community, please comment below so that we can keep this post updated . Remember all, We are one family!

Much Love,

5F Farm Family

Faith ~ Family ~ Friends ~ Fidelity ~ Fun

8583 Salem Road, Quincy, FL 32353

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