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If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the Reggae Nights at the Farms there are only a

few steps.  


   1: You will need to fill out a vendor application form         (Red Button Below)


   2: If accepted, the fee is due two (2) weeks prior to

     the event. Refunds are available up to two (2) weeks

     before the event. 

       **Multiple payment methods accepted. Partial payment is required

          to hold vendor spot for event.**


   3: Show up and have a great time!






If you are interested in performing at the Havana Reggae Festival or Reggae Nights at the Farms, please use the button to send us your press kit. It is important to do so as early as possible to allow us enough time to schedule the acts and obtain any needed supplies.

Here are a few guidelines to look at to determine if you would be a good fit.


   1: Are you family friendly?  

We can't have any acts that may be offensive or inappropriate for children.


2: If your act is stage based, how long would you need/want to perform?  While we can accommodate most stage acts, there will be multiple performers through the course of the day, so your act can not absorb too much time (15 minutes to an hour is perfect).


   3: Is your act in any way related to Caribbean culture?  

While this is not a requirement by any means, it does  improve your chances of landing a gig at the festival.

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