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A Curfew!? Why Should I?

As cases begin to climb quickly in Florida for COVID-19, it is very important to know why Gadsden's Council has declared a state of emergency and how it affects us.

The Why: For many of us, we have not had a curfew since we turned 18 and it may feel weird or insulting.

However, keep in mind that the current measures are simply to slow the progress of the virus and to protect the elderly and high-risk residents. These are people who have had transplants, surgeries, immune disorders, diabetes and range from 1 to 100 years old; BUT, just because media has been stressing that population, it's also to protect young healthy adults. Just like the cold or seasonal flu, Anyone can catch it. Most people will only develop mild symptoms but, for those who don't, it progresses to what medical personnel call respiratory failure via ARDs. You can read more about that here.

In addition, it's to make sure that we have enough to help those who are affected the most. As we have seen with the #toiletpapercrisis 2020, supplies are limited. It's the same with health care. The more precautions we take now, puts less strain on the system later. So, when your cousin/uncle/grandparent goes to the hospital, the hospital has the supplies to take care of them and increase their chances of survival.

How Does The Declaration Affect Me?

Despite all the changes in effect, you can still go to the grocery store and order take out and even go for a stress-relieving walk with your furry friend. Listed below is what the declaration does change and how it may affect you:

No gatherings more than 10 people. No birthday parties, at-home kid day cares en masse, or #CoronaParties please. The goal is to minimize exposure to other people as much as possible. In addition, and this requires teamwork from the community, keep the kids from gathering. This is not summer vacation and if they get sick they can bring something home that's deadly to you.

Limit Non-Essential Activity. That spa appointment, reschedule it. The nail appointment, cancel it. As crazy as it is, try to send only one person to the grocery store at a time and leave the kids at home. Rotate who goes out so no one goes stir-crazy and don't be afraid to ask for help. (Talking to all my parents out there.)

Ideally maintain 6 feet from individuals while out and about. A sneeze or cough can send germs many feet away from an individual. Many stores have mapped out 6 foot intervals for your safety and theirs. If they get sick, that's one less "helper" in the community.

The county can allocate funds to the highest needs at this time. This affects budgeting for the county and includes ordering tests for the health department. (Shout out for their bravery for getting up close and personal) This is going to be very important for when (not if) supplies need to be ordered and residents need to be transported to the nearest hospital.

Places of Public assembly are closed. Parks, clubs, classes, and many more.That even includes us at 5F Farm. We all have to do our part. Churches can still hold service but must adhere to the 6 Feet Rule and the Gathering Limits.

Non-Essential Businesses to Close or Limit Foot Traffic. Yes, they have to maintain 6 feet too in order to stay open. However, many of our local businesses are considered essential. Check out the list starting on page 5.

**No Loitering. This means your designated runner for the day needs to go to the store, get the essential stuff, and leave. If you want to have a conversation with that old friend you bumped into at the market, exchange numbers and call them later, preferably while the kids are napping.

**Curfew in Effect: 9PM to 6AM. The Sun sets about 8PM right now, and it's mosquito season so, let me ask, why would you be out after 9PM anyway? However, even with the curfew in effect, you can still walk the dog and go to work.

The starred items are the newest items and there will be many more additions as the situation progresses. If you take anything away, it's this:

These measures are not meant as a punishment or insult,

but to keep you and your family safe.

Much Love All!

Yours Truly @ 5F Farm, Jazz


**If you have any details on local businesses, services, or volunteers, please email me at I'm trying to compile a shortlist of resources available to the community for quick reference.**

This post is not endorsed by the Cities or County. It is for informational purposes only. Please check the county website and comply with all local ordinances above all else.


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